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Behind the Scenes

About Tess

Tess Siochi began her career as a Make-up Artist in 2006. However, her love for make up came early in life. At the young age of 3, while most carried around a “blankie”, Tess kept a life-sized toy lipstick in her purse and believed that its magic would adorn her lips with beautiful colour.

The drive to pursue make-up professionally came later in life. Whilst attending university working towards a degree in Psychology, she felt in her heart that this was not what she was truly meant to do. However, it was not until her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer that she was forced to put life into perspective. This moment taught her that life was precious. She must live life to its fullest and do what truly made her happy.

Her mom’s strength to persevere and triumph over her diagnosis gave Tess the inspiration to set her sights and work hard towards becoming a Professional Make-Up Artist.

With the support of her family and friends, Tess successfully graduated from The School of Professional Make-up located in the heart of Toronto’s Fashion district. From then on she has never looked back. She continues to move forward thriving as an artist touching on every area of her craft from bridal, fashion, television to creative make-up.

Through all of her experiences, Tess enjoys most of all, getting to know the people that she meets. She feels that through every encounter she is able to grow both as a person and an artist. While doing so she has an opportunity to impact their lives by sharing her talents.

Tess’ goal, in her own words, is to “make people feel beautiful both inside and out”.

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